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Spot illustrations are the often unsung heroes of an editorial illustration career and if done well, can lead to a ton of assignments. One of the keys to a good spot illustration is clear storytelling – Kyle will walk you through the creation of some spots in real time on this episode of Illustration Masterclass.

To watch with Subtitles/closed captions, click the CC icon in the lower-right corner.
00:00 Start
01:00 Spot illustration overview
04:27 Spot illustration examples
05:26 Vignette silhouettes/floater illustrations
10:48 Line quality/color choices for consistent styles
14:44 Asking the editors for color options
17:35 Creative ideas stand out
20:00 Getting clients from a noticeable style
24:16 Spot illustrations with limited color
30:19 Staying flexible and adapting to different styles
31:37 Mock assignment prompt and sketching ideas
33:05 Stuffed suitcases
38:42 Extra masks illustration
42:18 Plan for delays illustration
44:45 Back up plan illustration
48:28 Creating a style for your spot illustration – adding color
52:45 One color spot illustration demo
55:03 Adding color from lasso selections
55:56 Wrap-up

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Illustration Masterclass – Creating Spot Illustrations | Adobe Creative Cloud


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