Illustration Masterclass: Choosing the Right Colors for Your Digital Illustrations

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If you’re having trouble expanding the range of color choices you employ in your illustrations or struggle to create color harmony, this class is for you. Kyle will show you several foolproof ways to quickly and easily create a range of great color palettes.



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To watch with Subtitles/closed captions, click the CC icon in the lower-right corner.
00:00 Start
01:27 Choosing the right color for your illustrations
04:07 Mixing color to build a palette
06:31 Brush sets and how to get them in PS
10:01 Demo of creating a color palette
13:59 Creating high and low contrast colors in your palette
22:01 Demo of painting with the new palette
25:20 Hue/Saturation slider to adjust palette results
28:45 Creating variations with Adjustment Layers and Layer Blend Modes
35:04 Print safe colors vs. screen colors
37:36 Creating secondary and tertiary colors on multiple layers
41:19 Adjusting Hue/Saturation to make a new palette
45:16 Painting with the new palette
50:12 Creating variations and adding colors with the blend modes
53:43 Wrap-up


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