Illustrating and Designing a Landing Page with Pablo Stanley – 1 of 2

Join designer Pablo Stanley on Adobe Live as he illustrates in Adobe Fresco and designs in Adobe XD. This week, Pablo will create an illustration system in Adobe Fresco that will be used to design a landing and sign-up page for a music sharing product in Adobe XD!

Guest Pablo Stanley is a designer and co-founder at Blush:

Host Alexis Bustos is an Interaction Designer & Researcher living and working in San Francisco, CA:

Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
03:35 Introduction
17:45 Showing off different brushes
18:40 Live oil brush demonstration
20:35 Vector brush demonstration
28:20 Sketching wireframes
1:13:15 Creating component brushes for characters
1:23:25 Setting up the brush options


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