"I hope this offers a glimmer of hope that things are getting better" says Aric Chen

Life in Shanghai is slowly getting back to normal, reports curator Aric Chen in this video message recorded for Virtual Design Festival on his first day in the fresh air after 14 days of home quarantine.

Chen, the curatorial director of the Design Miami fair, recorded the message from the street on Sunday 12 April – the day his mandatory 14-day quarantine ended.

“I’m shooting this outside partly just because I can,” says Chen. “I just got out of a home quarantine, a mandatory 14-day home quarantine yesterday that was very strictly enforced.”

“Everyone was very kind”

“I had daily visits by a nurse, a sensor on my door,” he adds. “Though I have to say everyone was very kind and nice and polite. I even got a care package sent to me by the authorities.”

Chen, a US citizen based in Shanghai, flew from Hong Kong to Shanghai on 27 March, just hours before the Chinese authorities barred foreign passport-holders from entering the country due to coronavirus.

“It caps off more than two months during which I somehow stayed a half-step ahead of the pandemic as it spread from China to the Middle East, Europe and the USA, before I finally made it back to Asia,” Chen wrote in an email that accompanied his video submission.

This was Chen’s second period of 14-day home quarantine: he went through his first period of mandatory self-isolation in Shanghai in February, after returning home from the middle east. He has been tested twice for coronavirus, with negative results each time.

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