How to Use Recolor Artwork in Adobe Illustrator

CHANGE MULTIPLE COLORS AT ONCE! | Changing an entire color scheme is easy | Create and import color groups w/ Illustrator

If you create any kind of artwork in Adobe Illustrator or if you work with clients (who have been known to request modifications or change their mind,) this tutorial is must-see Adobe Illustrator action.

Check out the free font “Sonder” that I used in this tutorial:

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In this Adobe Illustrator tutorial, I will walk you through and around the Recolor Artwork feature set and how I use it to adjust and change the colors of multiple pieces of complex artwork in Illustrator. We’ll talk about applying brand new colors, changing the way the color is displayed, desaturation all the color, and so much more! You will save so much time by learning how to use Recolor Artwork properly and effectively! I hope you enjoy the video!!

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