How to Use Design Systems with Lenora Porter – Design Systems 1 of 3

Join Lenora Porter on Adobe Live as she designs a mobile application in Adobe XD! This week, Lenora will show her full design process as she wireframes and builds components for an app that reminds users to water their plants. Stay tuned for moodboarding and typography protips.

Lenora Porter is a designer, community builder and coder based in Miami, Florida.

Host Alexis Bustos is an Interaction Designer & Researcher living and working in San Francisco, CA.

Lenora Porter

Alexis Bustos


Join us LIVE on Behance:
Check out part 2:
Check out part 3:

Introduction: 2:40
Project sketches overview: 8:30
Work begins in XD: 40:50
First page: 50:36
Repeat Grid: 1:23:30
Outro and recap: 1:51:20
Feather Lasso Tool: 1:13:00
Blending modes: 1:20:00
Moving into lightroom: 1:25:00



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