How To Use Adobe Illustrator 3D Design: Hyper_Realism

Learn some super valuable techniques when it comes to Adobe Illustrator 3D design work in 2022, for this hyper-realistic pill.
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Yes in todays Illustrator tutorial we make a medicinal pill, but you can use the teachings and techniques to make a variety of 3D designs in Adobe Illustrator. The tips can be translated over, once you learn how to use the new 3D bevel, extrude and inflate tools in Illustrator.
Remember though, that you must have the most recent version of Illustrator as of the recording of this video tutorial, April 2022.

The final 3D design worked out really well I feel. The realism is pretty good and the texture on the material effects looks awesome. It takes time and practice to get this type of work right, but with this tutorial I hope you will have fun working on Adobe Illustrator 3D designs in 2022 🙂

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0:00 Intro
0:18 Envato
0:30 Making The Shape
2:04 Inflation
3:22 Materials
4:16 Background
5:02 Lighting
7:06 Multiples
7:27 Final Settings
8:23 Envato

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