How to Upload High Quality Cover Photos to Facebook | Avoiding Facebook Image Compression

Learn how to upload high quality cover photos or any other photo to Facebook without any compression or loss in quality. We are going to dive deep into the settings that you need to tune into in Photoshop before uploading so that it prevents Facebook from compressing it. The settings are not my guesses, it is credible since it is up in Facebook’s own guideline website.

Even after following and saving the image in a dimension recommended by Facebook, it still compresses the image. In this video, we are going to learn why it happens and how to avoid that. We are also going to cover the best resolutions and upload settings for uploading any kind of photo in high quality in Facebook. But, there’s one gotcha! These settings, resolutions and standard sizes are updated, changed and revised regularly. There’s obviously not one size that will work till eternity. Therefore, we will also look at where to find the perfect sizes and dimensions of images for social media.

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