How To Set Up Your Design Business: LLC vs. Sole Proprietorship

LLC vs. Sole Proprietorship: Set Up Your Design Business The Right Way. Rebecca Heinemann needs to raise her business IQ. In this coaching session, Chris walks her through the Pros/Cons of setting up as a sole proprietorship, limited liability company, and corporation.

1:00 Set up an LLC-Limited Liability Corporation to protect yourself lawsuits and gives you greater flexibility when it comes to taxes.
1:34 Discussion about limited liability corporations
2:26 Common types of business entities: sole proprietorship, llc and corporation. Questions to ask yourself.
3:40 Benefits of sole proprietorship: uncomplicated, simple tax benefits, low processing fee
3:55 Cons of sol proprietorship: personally liable, high audit rates, can’t raise capital, no separation
4:42 Pros/Cons of LLC
5:50 Definition of Corporation
7:00 Call your accountant or CPA for professional advice on liability and tax planning.

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“Creative Strategy and the Business of Design” (by Douglas Davis)

“Burn Your Portfolio” by Michael Janda

Craftwell by Rebecca Heinemann

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