Today I will be showing you tips on how to set up Illustrator for logo designing, a graphic design tips video that is a brief guide to Illustrator logo designing. It is on the longer side of things, but I feel the tips I have to show you for logo design in Illustrator are well worth the time. Some of them you will already know about or maybe disagree with, but keep and open mind and hope you enjoy this Illustrator setup for logo designing video. If you do like this Illustrator tutorial then share it to someone who is a logo designer and you think may enjoy my guide to setting up Illustrator for logo designing. Lastly don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and to stay updated for future uploads.

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Skip to 1:54 for the section on ‘the logo design process’

Skip to 3:25 for the section on ‘making a new document in Illustrator for logo designing’

Skip to 5:44 for the section on ‘Resizing the artboard in Illustrator’

Skip to 6:31 for the section on ‘adjusting settings for the pen tool when logo designing’

In this graphic design tips video we are looking at my Illustrator setup for logo designing. I first talk again about the importance of the design process when logo designing. I show you my very own logo design process from sketchpad to digital designs and the final logo design solution.

From there we look at what Illustrator artboard for logo designing I use, and what other artboards designers may like to use for a logo design process. The canvas in Illustrator can be edited in a way that favours the logo design process, and you can even have multiple canvases or artboards open in one document. But as I mentioned I show you my choice for an Illustrator canvas for logo designing, and why I like that option.

I then have a few nifty and cool adjustments to settings and preferences that will help you in designing a logo in Illustrator. The main options I look at here are to do with the Illustrator pen tool for logo designing, and the snapping to a point option. Using the pen tool is pretty much a given must when designing a logo, and it can be annoying when it snaps to points without letting you create your own vector path. I show you how to get around this as well as other cool tips.

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