How to Retouch a Studio Fashion Shoot in Lightroom

In this Lightroom tutorial, we’ll walk through how I attack a series of commercial fashion images from a quick and low-budget shoot done in a basement. You’ll see how we can get great images and edit them beautifully even in tight spaces. I’ll cover the toning, exposure, and sharpening of the images as well as syncing the images so they all have the same settings as well as extending the white background, doing some skin retouching, dodging and burning, and more with the Adjustment Brush in Lightroom!

Check out Henley Bond: [my buddy’s business]

Written Lightroom tutorial:

01:15 Getting started
01:41 Adjusting the basic tones, color, sharpness, lens correction
04:07 Sync the settings across the whole shoot
05:42 Retouching blemishes
07:45 Retouching the face, eyes, and dodge and burn
09:20 Making accessories pop
10:23 Extending the white background
11:38 Cropping and leveling
12:21 Exporting the image for delivery

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