How to respond to the 3 most common Client Objections in Sales

Chris Do tackles the 3 most common objections that creatives face during the sales or new business cycle. He explains how to respond to your client when they say you are too expensive, don’t have enough experience or aren’t an expert.

Watch and see if you are committing some of the cardinal sins.

01:28 Top 3 Objections– You are too expensive. You don’t have enough experience. You aren’t an expert at_________.
02:25 Students respond
20:48 People strive to be consistent
21:40 Embrace + Pivot
22:20 Chris breaks down a scene from “Thank you for smoking”.
26:30 Change the conversation
27:55 Win without pitching manifesto: “Kill the opportunity first.” #Blair Enns
29:48 Retreat and follow. Stop selling
40:00 Chris Do’s recommend book list

Understand what it means to retreat and follow– a concept from the win without pitching manifesto.

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