How To Price Design Work For Freelancers. (7 Methods)

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So many people are charging too low for their work. They don’t know how to charge higher. Some people believe they should get paid more because other designers get paid more. But how do you fairly charge someone more for the same service?
Position yourself as an expert

Your portfolio and brand need to be showing how, and why you’re an expert.
Large paying clients want professionals to work on their brands. They don’t want novices.
Show as much “profession” on your portfolio and social media as you can.
Increase your skillset

Font design
Hand Lettering
Web design
Brand strategy
Gain Trust

Trust is one of the biggest aspects to being paid more. If they don’t trust you they won’t work with you.
To gain trust you need to show who you’ve worked with, and lay out expectations on both sides.
Show yourself on social media, and be transparent about your design process through social media.
Meet with your client ahead of the project to discuss milestones and goals you both would like to achieve.
Rehearse negotiations

Negotiation is an art. You need to be willing to negotiate what you’ll provide a client for the cost.
Negotiations are a great time to show your client your value and what you do.
“whilst other designers just provide you with a logo, I want to meet and strategise what the brand should be”
Add value

The value is you. They’re not buying just into your logo product, they buying into your service.
Cater to a specific industry
Concept presentations
Brand strategy consultations with the client
Know what your clients want and need
It’s strange, but the more you charge, the more value you have.
Show you expert understanding

Through your portfolio and social media and résumé
Through a presentation of other work you’ve given to clients.
Write case studies about what you’ve worked on.
Say no to low paying projects

You can only get paid what you accept. Don’t accept low paid projects.
Instead, look to negotiate with the clients.Instagram:

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0:00 Intro
1:33 Position Yourself
3:19 Increase Your Skillset
5:02 Grain Trust
7:02 Rehearsing Negotiations
8:06 Adding Value
9:58 Who the client will choose.
10:08 Know what the client needs. Show it
11:08 Sponsor Segment
12:09 Show your expertise
13:03 Say NO to low paying clients
13:37 Why people won’t pay you more
14:21 Raise Your Price to increase your value



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