How to Network Like a Pro. Leanne Tritton, ING

Leanne Tritton, ING

The RIBA’s Guerrilla Tactics Conference: Understanding the Developer Mindset took place on Tuesday 5 November 2019.

Delegates gained a better understanding of the development process, fresh insight into where value comes from and the ability to use this knowledge to better service clients. It offered a first step on the path to developing the knowledge and capacity for those interested in the architect-developer role.

Small sites abound up and down the country and now there is the challenge of what to do with the high street. They all share the same problem: it’s not efficient for large developers to take these sites on and councils are under-resourced. Architects have always been adept at spotting the potential of awkward sites but rarely are they able to extract value from the development activity – funding, building, and selling – in an efficient way because these are not skills they are taught.