"How to" Mandala Drawing of the Chrysler Building


This video is about how I created a mandala drawing of the Chrysler Building. There weren’t many solid high res drawings available to create elevations of the building, which were really the first step, so I cobbled them together from a wide variety of images. The next thing to do was determine how many times I wanted to repeat the elevation about an axis. Unlike the Eiffel tower which is repeated eight times in the mandala, I settled on four. It seemed less cramped. Third, I knew that I was going to need a few detailed elements for infill. Again I cobbled together some drawn elevations from various images. The stainless steel eagles which appear four times at upper levels are iconic. As are the four identical winged elements found on a lower story. The building was designed in the art deco style. It’s steel with a masonry exterior. I thought it would be important to make the mandala reflect the building’s unique stylistic expression. The brick polychromy designs on the facade are emblematic of the art deco style so I decided to make a creative variation on those patterns for the border. It was easy to find a location on the mandala for the eagles which I placed just off the vertical facades. But where to put the winged elements was a bigger challenge. I went through a series of variations that looked at locations. The last thing to do was to determine the intensity of the radiating spokes. I wanted to be careful not to place them too close together or make the image feel too cluttered because the image would need to be printed on tees and canvas. And this is the design I eventually settled on. So check out my kickstarter campaign for this design and a couple others. I’m putting together shirts and canvas prints if theirs enough interest. I’m Doug Patt. We’ll see you, next time.



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