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Use typography to create a tactile, playful design.

Start from scratch, or copy the practice file [] and open it from the Your Files section of the Home screen in Adobe Illustrator for a head start. Steps below.

Find your font:
1. Open the practice file from the Your files tab or start a new file.
2. Select the Type tool.
3. Click the Find More tab in the Character section of the Properties panel.
4. Choose a font and click the cloud icon to sync it. We chose Grover Heavy Regular from Adobe Fonts [ ].
5. Type a letter.

Make it 3D:
1. Choose the Selection tool.
2. Choose Effect – 3D and Materials – Extrude & Bevel.

Add texture:
1. Click the Materials tab.
2. Scroll to the All Materials section and select your material. We chose Marble Paint.
3. Scroll down further to the Paint Color swatches and click on the Paint Color 1 square.
4. Choose a color from the Color Picker panel. We chose blue #2096C8.
5. Select and adjust Paint Colors 2, 3 and 4. We used #298FCA for colors 2 and 4 and #2DBEE7 for color 3.
6. Scroll down again and adjust the Paint Roughness and Pattern. We set ours to 1 and 1.

Adjust the lighting and positioning:
1. Click the Lighting tab.
2. Adjust the Intensity to 110%, the Rotation to 180°, the Height to 50° and the Ambient Light Intensity to 65% or experiment and change to your desired levels.
3. Drag along the crossbars of the track cube to rotate around the x-axis or y-axis.
4. Drag along the outer wheel of the track cube to rotate the letter around the z-axis.

Duplicate and adjust:
1. Hold Alt (Windows) or Option (macOS) and drag the letter to duplicate it.
2. Double-click the duplicated letter and change it to a different letter.
3. Use the center circle of the track cube, Rotate Freeform, to change its position.
4. Continue to duplicate and adjust letters until the design is complete.

That’s it!

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