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Add pop art inspiration to your images.

Start from scratch, or copy the PSD and access it from the Your Files section of the Photoshop home screen to follow along with the tutorial []. Steps below.

Duplicate and isolate:

1. Drag your image layer on the Create New Layer icon in the Layers panel.
2. Choose the Object Selection tool.
3. Click the checkmark to confirm the new crop.
4. Hover over the figure and when it turns blue, click to make a selection.
5. Choose Select — Modify — Smooth.
6. Change the sample radius to 50 pixels.
7. In the Layers panel, click the mask icon to make a vector mask.

Outline and repeat:

1. Click the fx button in the Layers panel and select Stroke.
2. In the Layer Style dialog box, change the Color to #79BBFD.
3. Change the Position to Outside.
4. Change the Size to 40 pixels.
5. Click the plus button to duplicate the Stroke.
6. Then select the first stroke and change the color (#F07A77) and size (110 pixels).
7. Duplicate the second Stroke.
8. Select the Stroke below it and change the color (#FFD56E) and size (200px)
(The largest stroke should be at the bottom of the list).
9. Click OK.

Make it pop:

1. Click the Plus button in the Layers panel to create a new layer.
2. Choose the Brush tool.
3. In the top menu, change the Smoothing to 100%.
4. Hold down Alt (Windows) or Option (macOS) to sample the colors of the outlines.
5. Draw in some expressive lines around the subject.

That’s it!

Find the full lesson on Discover:

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