How to Make Great Videos (Part 1) – Lightroom Techniques in Premiere Pro CC | Adobe Creative Cloud

In the first part of this three-part series, Principal Evangelist Jason Levine gives you an introduction to the Lumetri Color Panel and references its similarities to Lightroom’s develop module. Basic (tonal) Corrections, Creative LUTs, Curves and Vignette panels are covered in this episode. Find timestamped chapters below. Learn more about this tutorial series: Find more videos in this series: Download free trials and the latest features in Adobe Creative Cloud video and audio tools:

01:05 ‘Export Frame’ from the Program Monitor to a CC Folder for Lightroom CC
03:19 Editing an image in Lightroom CC (with similar panels that you’ll find in Lumetri in Premiere)
04:12 Revealing the Lumetri Color Panel (via Workspaces and Window Menu)
04:43 The familiar controls of the Basic Corrections tab
06:18 Back in LR making some adjustments on a still frame
09:00 The White Balance eye-dropper
10:24 Adjusting the re-imagined Exposure control, contrast
11:36 Adjusting highlights and revealing more shadow details
13:12 Using the native Vignette to add drama (in lieu of DeHaze)
14:02 Leveraging ‘Uninterrupted Playback’ by turning on/off modules of Lumetri while you grade
14:59 Vibrance, Faded Film and additional Saturation in the Creative tab
21:28 Using Creative LUTs/Looks to change color style
23:14 Film Stock emulations in the Creative looks
24:00 The Intensity slider for using Looks on your footage
28:12 Faded film, Vibrance, Sharpen and additional (post-Look) Saturation
32:06 Shadow Tint and Highlight Tint (as part of the Creative tab)
38:50 Copy/Paste Attributes (i.e., Lumetri Color settings) across one or multiple clips
40:44 Utilizing Shadow Tint and Hightlight Tint
43:07 Reasons/benefits for shooting ‘flat’ video…
46:29 32-bit Color Effects + RGB Curves
52:59 Hue Saturation Curves



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