How to Make Bubble Art in Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Creative Cloud

Reshape an object within an isolated space for a surreal effect.

Start from scratch, or copy this PSD file [] so you can open it from the Your Files section of your Photoshop Home screen.

Take a one-minute look at our technique; the steps are written out below.

1. Change the Blend mode for the Bubble layer to Divide.
2. Choose Filter — Liquify and choose the Forward Warp tool.
3. Set the brush size to 1500.
4. Nudge along the edges to adjust the bubble shape and click OK.
5. Click Control+J (Windows) or Command+J (macOS) to duplicate the Bubble layer; do this twice for a total of three Bubble layers.
6. Hold Shift as you select all of the layers.
7. Right-click and choose Convert to Smart Object.
8. Choose Filter — Liquify and select the Freeze Mask tool.
9. Brush to apply a mask around the bubble.
10. Select the Forward Warp tool.
11. Drag the arms of the cactus inside the bubble to create new shapes and click OK.

That’s it!

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