How to Make a Stretched Landscape in Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Creative Cloud

Sample a single band of pixels and stretch them out to create this unique streak of color.

Start from scratch, or download the project file containing the sample assets [ ] for a head start. Steps below.

Extend the image:

1. Select the Crop tool.
2. Drag the top line up to extend the canvas.
3. Check the Content-Aware box.
4. Click the checkmark to confirm the new crop.

Prepare your layers:

1. Select the Single Row Marquee tool.
2. Click on the part of the image you want to stretch.
3. Copy the selection and paste to a new layer.
4. Turn on your rulers (Control+R on Windows; Command+R on macOS) and drag a guide to the top of your new pixel band layer.
5. Select the Rectangular Marquee tool.
6. Drag a marquee selection from the top of the canvas down to the new guide.
7. Copy the selection and paste to a new layer.

Now stretch:

1. Select the single pixel band layer.
2. Choose the Free Transform tool (Control+T on Windows; Command+T on macOS).
3. Hold the Shift key as you stretch the layer up.
4. Select Layer 2.
5. Choose the Move tool.
6. Drag the layer up so the bottom of the image meets the top of the stretched layer.

That’s it!

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