How to Make a Prism Lens Effect in Adobe After Effects | Adobe Creative Cloud

Create this unique fractal lens effect in motion.

Start from scratch, or download the project file containing the sample assets [ ] for a head start. Steps below.

Make a mask:

1. Select the footage in the Timeline.
2. Choose the Rectangle tool in the toolbar.
3. Hold down Shift and draw a square around the eye to create a mask.
4. In the Align panel, center the square horizontally and vertically.
5. Switch to the Selection tool.
6. Double-click the corner and rotate the mask 45 degrees.
7. Expand the mask options in the timeline.
8. Adjust the Mask Feather to 25 pixels.

Set up a prism:

1. Duplicate — Control+D (Windows) or Command+D (macOS) the footage layer eight times for a total of nine layers.
2. Turn on Snapping in the toolbar.
3. Arrange all nine layers in a 3-by-3 diamond shaped grid.
4. Select the Pan Behind tool in the toolbar.
5. Keep the center layer as-is and nudge the footage in the surrounding layers slightly inward.

Add a lens:

1. Click the top layer.
2. Choose Layer – New – Solid.
3. Change the fill color. We used #151515.
4. Click OK.
5. Select the Ellipse tool.
6. Hold Shift and draw a circle mask.
7. Expand the mask options in the timeline.
8. Check the Inverted box.
9. Change Mask Feather to 65 pixels.
10. Press the spacebar to play the animation.

That’s it!

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