How to Make a Poster or Collage in Photoshop

Learn the complete process of making any kind of poster or collage, especially for assignments and projects. Be it a Poster Advert, a Tourism Poster, or an Awareness Campaign, right from planning the design of the poster or poster design to collecting resources or illustrating and finally assembling them in Photoshop with graphics and text or collage.

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Whether it’s for a multi-national agency, NGO, individual, awareness campaign or simply a school or a college project, homework or assignment. The three broad steps to project making apply to all.

First, the planning involves having a mind map or an idea about how your poster is going to look. Once you have the complete layout or the format in place, secondly, we will collect the resources that we’ll need to make that poster. These can be images, design or text. Once all those things are organized, we need to properly assemble, match and place them together in Photoshop.

This video takes you through the complete process so that the next time you need to make any kind of poster, you’ll have the exact process and the idea of what to do.



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