How to Make a Groovy  Type  Logo in Illustrator | Adobe Creative Cloud

Combine typography and freehand illustration to create a unique logo.

Steps below.

Prep your file:

1. Create a new Illustrator document.
2. Enter the document dimensions and select Create.
Tip: We created a 16 x 9-inch print document.
3. Set the background color by choosing File – Document Setup.
4. Click Simulate Paper Color.
5. Choose a color from the top color swatch and click OK.

Choose the type:

1. Select the Type tool.
2. Select the drop-down arrow next to the font name in the Character panel.
3. Select Find More.
4. Type in the name of a font.
Tip: We used KansasNew Heavy.
5. Click the synchronize icon next to the font name.
6. Set the font size.
7. Type the first name.
8. Choose the Selection tool in the toolbar.
9. Click the first word, hold Alt (Windows) or Option (macOS) and drag down to create a copy.
10. Double-click the duplicated word.
11. Type the second name.

Draw a circle:

1. Select and hold the Rectangle tool to choose the Ellipse tool.
2. Hold the Shift key and draw a circle.
3. Click the Swap Fill and Stroke icon on the toolbar to make the circle an outline.

Split the circle:

1. Select the Eraser tool.
2. Draw a wavy line through the center of the circle.
3. Choose the Selection tool.
4. Click on the canvas to unselect the circle.
5. Click on edge of the top half of the circle and move it up.
6. Hold Option and click and drag the bottom half of the circle to duplicate it.
7. Select the middle circle.
8. Choose the Direct Selection tool.
9. Select the bottom point on the circle and click Delete.

Warp the type:

1. Click the Selection tool.
2. Select the second line of text and place it over the bottom half of the circle.
3. Select the first line of text and place it over the top half of the circle.
4. Drag the cursor over the first line of text and the top circle to select both.
5. Choose Object – Envelope Distort – Make with Top Mesh.
6. Repeat the above steps with the bottom half of the circle.

Type on a path:

1. Click and hold the Text tool and select the Type on a Path tool.
2. Click the center line and type the third line of text.
3. Adjust the font style, size, and spacing in the Character panel.
Tip: We used KansasNew Black, size of 48 and character spacing 350.

Draw some shapes:

1. Click the Curvature Pen tool.
2. Click the Color Fill and choose a contrasting color.
3. Click to start a point, then add points until you reach the starting point to close the path.
4. Select points along the path and drag to adjust the curves.
5. Repeat to create a pattern of shapes.

Finish the design:

1. Click the Selection tool.
2. Select the logo.
3. Choose Object – Arrange – Bring to Front.
4. Center the logo over the graphic pattern.

That’s it!

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