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Use whatever you have around in this meditative activity. Featured artist: Erica Larson. Check out more of her work here:

Gather Materials:

• Take a walk outside and look for fallen leaves and flowers, discarded garden clippings, sticks, stones.


• Grab objects from around your home. Maybe you have a seashell collection, beads, buttons, or small toys; even things like dry beans will work. Anything small that you have a lot of is perfect for this.

Stage Your Work Area:
1. Make a paper guide to keep things symmetrical.
2. Trace a bowl on a sheet of paper, cut out the circle, then mark out sections with a pencil.
3. Lightly tape the guide to the area where you’ll make your circle.

Tip: Remember that whatever surface you’re working on will be the background of your photo, so if you don’t like how your area looks, cover it with colored paper, a tea towel, or your favorite dinner plate.

4. It’s going to be hard to move the arrangement once you start, so make sure there’s enough space around the circle to fill the frame when you take a picture. A reliable light source is important for a good photo, too.

Arrange Your Artful Display

1. Place your objects. For example, put objects around the outer edge first, then fill it in from there.

Tip: For this piece, the variety of colors and sizes works well, but using monochromatic materials or things that are generally the same shape would be just as cool.

2. When you’re finished, carefully remove the paper guide.
3. Use your phone to take a photo from above.
4. Keep the camera parallel to the surface and double-check that your own shadow is out of frame.

Edit and Share:

1. If your photo isn’t 100% parallel to the surface, you can fix the perspective in Lightroom.
2. Open the app on your phone, tap Geometry, then use the Vertical and Horizontal sliders to square it up.
3. Play with the Light and Color options to polish the photo.
4. Tap Share, choose Share to, and tap Instagram.
5. Make sure to include #circleofcalm in your caption so we can see your creations

That’s it!

To learn, more visit our companion tutorial:




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