How to Make a 2.5D Animation in Premiere Pro | Adobe Creative Cloud

Add depth and drama to landscapes by making parts of the scenery move in different ways.

Start from scratch, or download practice files [] for a head start. Steps below.

To learn more, visit our Premiere Pro Tutorials page:

Prep your files:

1. Open the .prproj file in Premiere (File – Open Project).
2. Keep the landscape photo included with the project, or use the one you created in the How to make a hypercolor landscape in Adobe Photoshop [].

Tip: File – Import, find your image, then drag it on top of the existing one in the timeline.

3. Drag the Foreground image from the Project panel to the V3 track on the timeline.

Animate the foreground:

1. Make sure the foreground layer is selected and drag the playhead to the beginning of the timeline.
2. Open the Effects Controls panel (Window – Effects Control).
3. Set the Position values to 960 and 862.5.
4. Click the stopwatch icon next to Scale and set the value to 100 so the image starts at full size.
5. Drag the playhead to the end of the timeline and set the Scale to 106 to create the next keyframe.
6. Scrub the playhead back and forth to see how the foreground image appears to grow and shrink.

Animate the background:

1. Select the landscape layer.
2. Move the playhead to the beginning of the timeline.
3. Set the Scale to 100.
4. Move the playhead to the end of the timeline.
5. Set the Scale to 93.
6. Scrub the playhead back and forth to see how the foreground and background change in relation to each other.

BONUS STEP – Hide a video green screen:

1. Drag the Clouds clip between the landscape and foreground layers on the timeline.
2. Click the Clouds layer to select it.
3. The clip extends past the two images on the timeline. To fix this, hover at the end of the clip until you see the red marker and drag to shorten the clip.
4. In the Effect Controls panel, set the Opacity to 70%.
5. In the Effects panel (Window – Effects), double-click Ultra Key (Video Effects – Keying) to apply the effect to the Clouds clip.
6. Find the Ultra Key effect in the Effects Controls.
7. Click the eyedropper icon next to Key Color, and click on a green in the Program Monitor to hide the green and show the landscape layer.
8. Click the Play button below the Program Monitor to preview your video.

That’s it!




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