How to Create Video Transitions with Justin Odisho

Want to up your video edits? Join video editor Justin Odisho as he walks you through different ways to add transitions to your videos. From basic cuts to creating your own custom presets, learn how to apply transitions to your videos using a variety of methods within Premiere Pro!

Guest Justin Odisho is a video editor and software educator based in Michigan:

Host Shirin Nahvi is a Digital Creator based in Los Angeles, CA:

Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
02:00 Intro of Justin
04:30 Working with photos in Premiere Pro
05:20 Exploring the TImeline Preferences
07:00 Working with video transitions and exploring the effects control panel
11:00 Applying video transitions to multiple elements
13:10 Using presets to quickly add effects to multiple elements
18:10 Working with video files
19:00 Exploring audio transitions
20:50 Incorporating text into your project
22:30 What are J-cuts and L-cuts?
29:30 Tips for making the editing process smoother
32:00 What is Room Tone?
34:00 Exploring the dip to black and fade to black transitions
38:00 Changing position and orientation of project elements
40:00 Rendering a file preview
42:20 Creating a push transition
45:30 Tips for shooting footage in the field
53:00 Adding a directional blur
57:20 What’s the difference between feather and blur?
59:00 Masking elements out of a clip
01:08:40 Using the mask expansion feature
01:18:00 Adding a linear wipe transition
01:24:30 Exploring and applying blending modes
01:35:00 Adding a color tint effect to a clip
01:37:30 How to create a Before & After effect
01:43:00 How to create a custom preset
01:47:20 Combining blur and stylize effects from the effects panel
01:53:15 Tips for beginners learning transitions


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