How to create a creative culture in a company.

Innovative companies have a thriving creative culture that drives them. What if you work in a company but the culture is toxic? What’s at risk? How do you change the direction of the culture at work?

This is a converted episode from our podcast The Futur. Enjoy.


2:16 It’s a mistake to let skill and talent be your most important hiring factors. Discover what core values your company and the people you hire should believe in.

5:22 Test and observe how tangible your company’s culture is in practice. If you are unaware of the culture as an owner/founder, take some time to recognize it.

8:25 Adapt your company culture to be open to the subtle differences and interests of younger generations entering the workforce.

13:00 The consequences of not having an inspiring and inclusive company culture.

15:59 Let everyone in your company know that their opinions matter and that their ideas are worth being heard regardless of their job title.

19:25 Put tests in place to filter out people who are not in alignment with core company values.

21:23 The benefits of having a team that is in step with your beliefs and values.

23:28 The secret to solidifying company culture is being consistent with what you and the customers that you serve believe from the top – down.

25:59 How good companies provide creative outlets for their creatives to explore endeavors outside of the everyday work.

28:20 Most great projects have a finish date. Cultivating a culture of continual experimentation can yield more worthwhile results.


30:12 Q: How can an employee approach their boss with a company culture issue?

34:35 Find what you can personally contribute to progress your company culture from your current work position

36:00 Life is too short to work in a company that does not fulfill you.

37:26 Q: Should a company culture change over time and adapt to employees’ individual lives?

40:44 Giving employees the freedom to learn new things and invest in their personal growth can bring back value to the company.

41:42 Q: How to incentivize creativity to inspire creatives to bring something extra to ordinary projects.

42:54 Q: What’s your view on flat company structures versus traditional job roles/titles.

44:00 Actionable steps towards building a sustainable company culture.

46:00 Instill Your mindset alongside the culture as a guideline to help employees make their own decisions.

46:58 Find inexpensive ways to encourage non-work related collaboration among your employees.

49:47 Q: How to feel comfortable with being yourself at work and contribute fresh ideas?

53:53 Q: How to prevent your company from becoming an echo chamber of disconnected leadership.

Book Drops:
Why Leaders Eat Last – Simon Sinek (Also a Ted talk)
Delivering Happiness – Tony Hsieh
A Whole New Mind – Dan Pink
Art of Fear – David Bayles & Ted Orland

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