How To Charge More for Graphic Design Work pt 2/3

Why can some designers charge more than others? Why can Paul Rand, Saul Bass or Michael Beirut charge 100x more than the designers that work for them? What can you learn from them that you can apply when presenting yourself and your work especially when talking about money, bidding and estimating graphic design jobs?

Is it trust, passion, posture, gamesmanship, assurance, studio, experience, portfolio, expenses, team, personality, or being genuine?

Be bold and ask for it. Get your S*** together. Self confidence.


1:20 How can 2 different people charge 2 different rates for the same work?
4:00 What if you don’t have all of the advantages of other designers who have more experience and expertise? What can you do?
9:08 The more value you create the more valuable you become. Try to help people in a genuine way.
9:30 Be confident.
10:30 Chris and Christian Role Play about “Negotiations”
11:45 Ask great questions to create value
13:00 Diagnose vs. Prescribe. Stay in the diagnostic phase for as long as possible.
14:20 Trust begins when you put your the interests of your clients ahead of your own
17:10 Chris shares the struggles during the first 2 years of running Blind

The designers dilemma pt. 2— should I eat and do soul sucking work or starve and be happy? Is there a middle ground? Graphic design career advice for those running a design studio or managing a freelance design career. This and more.

Design and typography Masters and educators, Rachel Elnar and Michael Stinson of swing by he studio for a lively discussion during a live taping of the Process.

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