How to Ask for the Sale | Chris Do & Jose Caballer Roleplay a Sale Part 2

How do I ask for the sale without it being uncomfortable? As a designer, how do I ask clients for business?

(We hope you enjoy our live antics, but we also value your time. Skip to Take 3 of the roleplay.)

Being clear and concise about establishing and contextualizing the need, asking for the sale, being more well rounded to relate to people, learning the rules of engagement. investing time and leveraging relationships to expand your opportunities.

Chris Do and Jose Caballer continue the conversation about “The Ask” during this sales series. In this portion they continue to roleplay different scenarios such as networking, and teach you some of the secrets of closing a sale.


2:12 How to scaffold towards ‘the ask’ at networking events (Demonstration)
6:24 ‘The ask’ is not asking for the business directly, it’s about getting to the next step
7:55 Be able to briefly establish your credentials and who you are in a few sentences.
10:02 Be mindful of the context that you’re in and respect the prospect’s time.
10:57 Stepping into the future: guide your prospect through the process of working together
13:49 Your leads will come from the people you surround yourself with
15:05 How scaffolding works (Talk about the problem)
16:49 Understand the context and establish the need
17:16 Humans are always about progress and growth
19:07 Be more well rounded in order to relate to people
20:14 Win without pitching: plant so many seeds of goodwill and value that clients close the deal for you
21:22 Understand the rules of engagement in business

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The Game – Neil Strauss
The Secrets of Closing a Sale – Zig Ziglar

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