How to Animate Social Media with Kladi from Printmysoul

Learn how to animate your social media assets by combining the power of Illustrator and Photoshop together! Join Kladi from Printmysoul as she shows you new ways to import vector graphics inside Photoshop and how to bring them to life, thanks to the video timeline. Transform your feed and gain engagement by leveraging the power of the Creative Cloud apps!

Join us LIVE on Behance:
00:00 Start
00:44 Introduction
03:14 Design overview
09:15 Creating a new document
11:18 Free resources
13:18 Editing and saving workspaces
18:24 Saving to the cloud
18:50 Ellipse tool
22:35 3D and Materials panel
24:45 Inflate 3D
25:50 Editing shapes with the pen tool
29:45 Rotate 3D
31:40 Lighting
32:52 3D Materials
34:36 Creating a donut shape
39:55 Substance 3D community assets
43:42 Moving into Photoshop
45:50 Masking
51:15 Creating a video with the timeline


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