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Turn a landscape image into a beautiful, time-lapse scene.

Download the sample project [] and open it in Premiere Pro to follow along with these steps.

Prep your file:

1. Open the practice project in Premiere Pro.
2. Drag the Desert footage from the Project panel into the sequence.
3. Drag the footage on the timeline so that it equals 12 seconds in length.

Add the effect:

1. Select the Desert footage layer.
2. Open the Effects panel (Window — Effects).
3. Search for 4-Color Gradient.
4. Double-click the effect to apply it to the footage.
5. In the Effect Controls panel (Window — Effect Controls), change the Blend Mode to Multiply.

Define the gradient:

1. Under Positions & Colors, click Point 1.
2. In the Program Monitor, drag Point 1 to the top center of the image.
3. Click Point 2 and drag it under Point 1.
4. Repeat this process for Points 3 and 4 until the points are stacked evenly on top of each other.

Note: We used the same x-value (3010) for all 4 points and different y-values (1300, 1900, 2600, and 3285).

Go through the blue:

1. Move the playhead to 0 seconds to start the animation at the beginning.
2. Turn on each color’s keyframe by clicking the stopwatches for Colors 1 through 4.
3. Click the Color 1 swatch.
4. Change the color to a dusty blue. We chose #1B1242.
5. Use the Color 2 Eyedropper to sample the Color 1 swatch.
6. Click the Color 2 swatch.
7. Change Color 2 to a lighter dusty blue. We chose #322073.
8. Repeat this process for Colors 3 and 4. We chose #38378F and #B9B9EF.

Create the middle colors:

1. Drag the playhead to the middle of the timeline, around 6 seconds.
2. Select the Color 1 swatch.
3. In the Color Picker dialog box, drag the hue slider to a warm violet tone, around 297°.
4. Repeat this process for Colors 2, 3, and 4.
5. We chose colors #2F0F30, #502052, #733675, and #9A5C9C.

Bring in the morning light:

1. Drag the playhead to the end of the timeline, around 11 seconds.
2. Repeat the process from step 4, but change the hue to a warm golden tone, around 37°.
3. We chose colors #D8B06E, #E0BB7E, #EAD0A7, and #FFFFFF.

Blend the background:

1. Increase the Blend to 500 px.
2. Increase the Jitter to 100%.

Add in birds:

1. In the Project panel, select the sample bird footage and drag it onto the timeline above the Desert footage.
2. Play through your project by pressing the spacebar.

That’s it!

Find the full lesson on Discover:

Learn more about Premiere Pro:



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