How I use Notion as an Architect

Confused as to how to start using Notion for architecture? I share my Notion workspace + the templates I use as an architect to track my weekly schedule, tasks, and projects (both personal + professional). I’ve chosen Notion and its minimalist UI to store + organize all of life’s information. In my studio, Notion has replaced Trello, Todoist, and Evernote…it truly lives up to its “all-in-one workspace” reputation.

As a productivity and project management tool, Notion is intuitive, capable and infinitely flexible. It’s a blank canvas that can be almost anything you want, which is both a strength and a weakness, especially when you’re just getting started and unsure of how best to set it up.

In this video I’ll teach you how to customize your workspace to suit your needs and a framework to begin building your own. I start by walking you through the basics of Notion’s visual editing tools and then move into more advanced functions to create intelligent task lists, meeting notes templates, SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) + WIKI’s to help save you time in the design process. The project track brings it all together in one dashboard where tasks, resources, schedules and meeting notes are collected and shared amongst team members, both in-house and remote.

Download all my templates here:

Timestamps to help you navigate:
0:22 Want your own kiXstand?
0:43 Four types of pages I use
1:00 Build a Weekly Agenda
4:24 Easter Eggs (For careful observers, I hide things in every video. You knew that, right?)
4:53 SOPs + WIKIs
7:16 An Intelligent Task List
12:22 Building a Project Track
15:00 Meeting Note Templates
17:29 Kanban Phase Template
19:18 Wacken (someday)
19:30 Notion for Life

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**ARCHITECT’S TOOLKIT (complete your SOPs in Notion with these):
Architect + Entrepreneur Startup Toolkit (* *NEW for 2020 ** ):




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