Hivemind with Trust, R&D Labyrinths Season 2

2022 Digital Commission, Hivemind, transforms the labyrinth framework, first developed for R&D Labyrinths Series 1, into an artist-led game.

Drawing on the long and distributed histories of labyrinths as tools for storytelling, Serpentine Arts Technologies continues its R&D Labyrinths series by commissioning Berlin-based gaming and art collective Trust to create an open-source game titled Hivemind. Built as an open source, playable infrastructure, Hivemind is conceived as a knowledge game that allows for narrative-led walkthroughs of artist’s back-end working environments. The game prompts players to share insights into their artistic practices by sorting and placing key materials, or ‘inventory,’ that uploaded at the start of the game. During the launch event which took place on @serpentineUK’s Twitch, Trust use Hivemind to talk about making the game.

This launch event was presented by Trust and Serpentine Arts Technologies on 29 March 2022 on @serpentineUK’s Twitch at 6pm GMT

Hivemind by Trust members Calum Bowden, Will Freudenheim and Joanna Pope
3D Artwork by Seamus Edson
UI direction by Leïth Benkhedda, BSL interpreters Sarah Meeks and Cat Ward
Unreal Engine development by Will Freudenheim
Curated and produced by Eva Jäger, Tamar Clarke-Brown, Victoria Ivanova, Alex Boyes
Special thanks to Serpentine’s Twitch stream Technical Manager Ralph Pritchard



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