Highlights of Dezeen's pollution talk for Good Design for a Bad World

Eco-minded designers have admitted to feeling guilty about creating products that help deplete resources and cause pollution at our Good Design for a Bad World talks in Eindhoven.

“Should we feel so guilty or not by what we’re doing? Oh yeah!” said panelist Eline Strijkers, co-founder of Dutch sustainable architecture and interiors studio DoepelStrijkers.

But she added: “As long as you try to add value with what you’re doing and really try to make a change and to make projects with meaning and no bullshit, I think we add value and it’s okay to create [stuff].”

Strijkers, who aims to follow the principles of the circular economy in her projects, was responding to questions by moderator Marcus Fairs, who asked the panel how they felt about the “designer’s paradox”.

The phrase describes the contradiction inherent in trying to improve the world while designing products that consume resources and may well end up contributing to pollution.

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