Hidden Free Stock Photos Inside of Photoshop – Pexels Photoshop Plugin

A Secret way to get FREE Stock Images inside of Photoshop! All of the images are totally free and very high quality. You can use them freely for commercial purposes. All of them are royalty free and copyright free besides being HD quality and high resolution.

►Download the Pexels Photoshop Plugin for FREE Here: https://goo.gl/Rsya4E

Whether you are looking for free images for creating your own designs and making composites or you are searching for free image backgrounds to use in Photoshop, this is the best way to find photos especially when you are creating content.

Now, there are websites that offer free images and free royalty free images, but, closing Photoshop, opening your browser, going to the website and searching for the image, then downloading it and after that, importing it into Photoshop is a tedious process. It is a distraction in your creative process. With this method you don’t have to do that anymore. You will have access to free high quality photos inside of Photoshop that you can directly import in your layers and also use as a clipping mask if you are adding them to certain elements or objects.

Finding images for use in image manipulations or searching for backgrounds has never been easier. You can use them in brochures, posters, UI, designs, Facebook covers or any kind of compositions. The possibilities are limitless. All this is possible my using an amazing Photoshop Plugin called, Pexels.

This is the plugin which did not get much of an attention than it deserves. There are a lot of people promoting expensive plugins and software which just increase contrast, clarity and texture eventually make them look more cheap. Surprisingly, some of us convince ourselves to buy them. Then, we call them good because we paid for it. The moment we stop taking free stuff for granted, we will be more than satisfied and this plugin is one of them. The guys at Pexels.com (A library amazing free stock photos) have done a brilliant job in creating this Plugin that allows access to their library without going out of Photoshop and being distract. I congratulate them, especially Ingo Joseph (co-founder), and respect them because they were humble enough to create this plugin for free. I just fell in love with the plugin and now I use it for making YouTube thumbnails.

There are only two external plug-ins that I use in Photoshop, Nik Collection by Google which is also free and this one. I have used other premium plugins like Topaz Adjust before, but, surprisingly, the best plugins that I’ve ever used in the my last 8 years of Photoshop, are free.

One of the cool features about this plugin is that, while you are looking for a particular image in the search results (inside Photoshop), and you come across an image which you propose to use later. You can simply like the image and it saves the photo under the “Likes” tab. Also, all the images in library are really beautiful, well composed and retouched.

Disclaimer: I’m creating this video truly because Pexels Photoshop Plugin has helped me a ton and I want other to take benefit of it. Pexels has not sponsored me. Though, I have asked them to share this video.

Hope this video helped you and if it did, do consider subscribing to prevent some people misleading you to buy a software or a plug-in to get things done. Because must be no excuses to KEEP CREATING!


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