Hans Hollein – Viennese Blood

Lecture date: 1981-10-26

‘My interests dwell not only on the sizable building proper, but on the utterances you can make on a small scale as well, especially in relation to the needs daily life carries with itthe room, the object you feel and touch. Not only do I deal with eternity, with the permanent, but also with the ephemeral and the temporary. As an artist, I am only responsible to myself and can make highly individualistic manifestations. As an architect, I am responsible to the needs of man and society. Man continuously designs for survival, for immediate survival and for survival after death. The life and work of an artist and architect mirrors this fundamental human situation. Hans Hollein was born in Vienna and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in 1956. He was Professor of Architecture at the Academy of Arts in D


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