Handpicked AutoCAD tips that I always use

In this video, I have shared 12 of my favourite AutoCAD tips that I regularly use in my drawing workflow. You can jump to any specific tip using the time stamp in the video.

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Download the lesson files used in this video here https://outreach.thesourcecad.com/12-autocad-tips

Following are the tips covered in the video:
00:00 Introduction
01:15 Addign GD&T symbol
02:58 Addign logo on 3D objects
05:27 Searching for a command
06:42 Selection set
07:59 Lasso selection
08:57 Cleaning drawing
10:24 Mid between two points
11:10 Select similar
12:05 Extrude along the tapered direction
12:51 Creating automated macros
15:56 Modifying command aliases


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