GSAPP Conversations #50: Marco Ferrari in conversation with Andrés Jaque

Andrés Jaque, Associate Professor and Director of the Advanced Architectural Design (AAD) program at Columbia GSAPP, speaks with architect and designer Marco Ferrari, co-founder of Studio Folder. Ferrari visited the school on June 6, 2018 to present a lecture as part of the AAD program’s Arguments Lecture Series, which examines the frontlines of contemporary architecture practice.

Ferrari and Jaque discuss how cartography impacts not only the construction of space, but also the construction of reality. Ferrari also considers how Studio Folder’s exhibitions and design work question the accuracy of spatial mapping as a representation of the planet, and the role architects can play in rethinking ideas about borders.

“Borders are at the center of political discussions more and more these days. I think architecture and design should take a very precise role to demolish notions of borders in their entirety, and to operate a shift in the global consciousness about the complete obsolescence of these tools.” –Marco Ferrari

Source by Columbia GSAPP

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