Growth Chaise Longue by Mathias Bengtsson | VDF x The Mindcraft Project

“I work with the intersection between art, design and technology,” sculptor and furniture-maker Mathias Bengtsson said. “Technology versus the hand.”

His Growth Chaise Longue is created in a biomimetic process, where digital seeds mimic natural growth, simulating the rules and methods of nature.

Once the seat reaches its final shape, it is 3D-printed to create a mould and then cast in bronze to create a sculptural furniture piece.

“The structure has grown using algorithms that we have found in nature or that mimic nature,” Bengtsson explained.

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The Mindcraft Project 2020

Exhibition by Copenhagen Design Agency
Exhibition design and visuals by Wang & Söderström
Photography by Anders Sune Berg
Videos by Michael Sangkoyo Gramtorp




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