Gravity Sketch VR software for creative professionals launches beta testing platform

A beta version of a virtual reality programme that gives designers the option to draw and manipulate 3D objects has launched.

The Gravity Sketch software, which was first unveiled last year, allows designers to draw, edit and manipulate forms in three dimensions as opposed to on a screen.

Since the product was announced, it has been tested among 50 artists and designers that use virtual reality (VR) in their work.

Having fixed the majority of bugs and glitches, the company has finally put the application live on the Steam Early Access website for beta testing – trialling in the final stages of development – from the general public.

“Unlike other artistic VR creation tools, Gravity Sketch is focused on workflow for creative professionals and bases the creation of geometry in non-destructive solid modelling,” said co-founder Oluwaseyi Sosanya.

“Designers, architects and engineers can create quick 3D mock-ups of ideas and seamlessly bring them to more complex CAD software.”

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