Graphic Designer VS AI DALL·E 😩 Is This The End?

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Will AI Replace Graphic Designers?
||||||||||||||……………. 46% ⭐ Yes
|||||||||||||||||…………. 54% ⭐ No

Graphic Designer VS AI DALL·E 😩 Is This The End? –
22.32K Views – Aug 16, 2022

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Can AI Replace Our Graphic Designer? By The Studio:

Dalle Mini

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📋 Timestamps

00:00 Intro
00:08 AI vs Graphic Designer
00:27 DALL·E Mini 
01:11 Results from DALL·E Mini 
01:49 Logo Generator designs the ScrawlrBox logo
03:58 AI Logo vs Logo I designed (ScrawlrBox)
05:00 Sponsor Segment.
05:56 Logo Generator designs the Raspaderia logo
06:18 Logo Our Agency designed (Raspaderia)
07:08 The future of Graphic Design with AI
08:36 Outro



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