Graphic Design FULL Course: Advanced Graphic Design Course!

This graphic design course is slightly advanced, and it contains advanced tips, hacks, and workflows that I’m personally using as a graphic designer. You will see massive upshots from learning and applying all of the material in this full graphic design course.

We look at things such as making colour schemes, but using ChatGPT to make highly targeted colour schemes, but also using Adobe Illustrator to learn a cool trick when it comes to making colour highlights and tints. Then also we move onto other things like a grid based system so you can make graphic design layouts with focal points, grids, modules and all of that good stuff. Also then we look into educating clients so that we can gain more approvals, and earn the trust of our graphic design clients.

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0:00 Welcome To This Advanced Course
0:21 Adobe Illustrator Colour Trick
2:36 Best Way To Generate Colours
5:10 Systematic Design Layouts
9:07 Educating Clients (Important)
11:29 Great Concept Creating Technique
12:39 Reverse Designing


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