Granger Moorhead and Robert Moorhead

Moorhead & Moorhead
Emerging Voices 2008
Recorded: March 19, 2008

Moorhead & Moorhead is a New York-based architecture and industrial design collaboration formed in 2000 by brothers Granger Moorhead and Robert Moorhead. Exploring function and materiality at scales ranging from furniture to architecture, Moorhead & Moorhead combines the brothers’ distinct backgrounds in architecture and industrial design, leading to “a unique synthesis of their expertise in detailing, fabrication, and spatial design.” Here, Granger Moorhead presents a variety of projects involving various methods of and approaches to weaving: the Filament Wound Bench, the Metropolis Magazine Booth, the Mobile Chaplet, and Hanover Square Loft.

The Architectural League created the annual Emerging Voices lecture series in 1982 to recognize and encourage architects who are beginning to achieve prominence in the profession. The series focuses primarily on built work, at a variety of scales, and is structured to reflect the diversity of contemporary practice–geographically, stylistically, and ideologically.

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