Getting Started in Adobe After Effects with Evan Abrams – 2 of 2

Join motion designer Evan Abrams as he introduces you to the power of Adobe After Effects! On Day 1, Evan will create abstract, geometric animations with shape layers. Using simple shapes and the principals of animation, watch Evan bring these forms to life in creative ways. On Day 2, Evan will share a workflow for making animated titles that can be used as Motion Graphics Templates in Premiere Pro. You don’t want to miss this intro to motion design!

Evan Abrams is a freelance motion designer based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada:
Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
6:45 Essential Graphics 101
7:58 Composition Settings
17:23 Adding text
29:30 Animating the text
35:35 How to add a logo
37:09 How to build a template
52:26 Custom color pickers


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