Getting Press For Your Architecture Work – And Other Tales From Starting A Design Firm

Find out more on .In 2009 Cavin Costello packed his bags in Connecticut after graduating with a degree in architecture in the midst of the great recession. From the start, he recognized and acted on the importance of taking calculated business risks and investing in the business. In this episode, Cavin talks about the two tools he uses to find work at his young firm: his website, and the news media.

Cavin has an interesting strategy for getting featured in the media: just asking. But he does more than that. In this episode he shares his roadmap for getting featured in the media.

We also discuss:

His number one pointer for starting a residential design firm.
The number one marketing tool that Cavin and his partner have leveraged to get new work.
The digital tools that Cavin uses to keep overhead low and collaborate with clients and staff across the country.

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