Gabriele Chiave on Marcel Wanders Studio's designs for Moooi | Design Dreams | Dezeen

Gabriele Chiave discusses the new light and sofa system that Marcel Wanders Studio has created for Moooi in our latest Design Dreams video for the Dutch furniture brand.

Chiave is creative director at Amsterdam-based design practice Marcel Wanders Studio, whose founder Marcel Wanders is also one of Moooi’s co-founders.

Under Chiave and Wanders’ leadership, Marcel Wanders Studio has created two new products for Moooi – the Hubble Bubble suspension lamp, and a modular sofa system called Sofa So Good.

Chiave explained his intuitive approach to designing furniture in an exclusive video interview with Dezeen shot at Marcel Wanders Studio in Amsterdam.

“Marcel Wanders Studio is a hub of crazy, creative and amazing people and designers,” he said. “We aim to reach people in their heart and their soul, tapping into their emotions, tapping into the irrational side of their brain more than the rational one.”

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