Future Art Ecosystems: Art x Metaverse (FAE2) | Launch

The Future Art Ecosystems: Art x Metaverse (FAE2) launch presentation was livestreamed via Serpentine’s Twitch on July 13 2021, marking the release of the publication on July 6.👾

FAE2 (Art x Metaverse) is the second in a series of annual strategic briefings launched in 2020 that provides concepts, references, language and arguments that can be integrated into operational agendas for 21st century cultural infrastructure.

It focuses on the larger stakes involved in revamping ‘digital strategy’ at cultural institutions, driven by the advent of the metaverse—an always-online, persistent, spatial ‘second’ world that constitutes a fundamental shift in our notion of digital frameworks and presence.

FAE2 is produced by Serpentine Arts Technologies and R&D Platform in collaboration with Rival Strategy and Luke Caspar Pearson, Guest Producer.

Presented by Victoria Ivanova, R&D Strategic Lead and Kay Watson, Interim Head of Arts Technologies, Serpentine

Produced by Tamar Clarke-Brown, Alex Boyes and Eva Jäger, Arts Technologies, Serpentine
Moderation by Alexander Boyes and Eva Jäger
Design by Roxy Zeiher and Eva Jäger with image assets created by Zion König
Livestream production by Ralph Pritchard
Camera operation by Florence Creffield
BSL Interpretation by Sarah Meeks
Music by Alx Suutoo Dabo

Special thanks to FAE2 Contributors and Advisors





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