Future Art Ecosystems 2 Live: Sam Rolfes x Alex Boyes

Interested in real-time virtual live performance? How about spending time within digital worlds flying around with avatars? Or maybe you’ve just always wanted to stage your own virtual live event in hopes of raising funds towards your own experimental musical physics game? Opportunities like these are accelerating via metaverse technologies including virtual reality, game engines, and motion-capture alike, and are part of shifts within creative experimentation and audience engagement that Future Art Ecosystems: Art x Metaverse (FAE2) explores.

Join artist and digital-performer of Team Rolfes, Sam Rolfes along with Serpentine Galleries Research & Development Platform Producer Alex Boyes as they discuss Rolfes’ practice, current production trends and how Rolfes is navigating increasingly online, persistent and spatial virtualised worlds.

Download the FAE2 report:




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