Future Architects Discuss: Everything Needs to Change, hosted by guest editors and contributors

Every minute of the day we pollute rivers and the air we breathe, and we use resources we can never again replenish. We live in a world where we burn dirty fuels that are now unbearably heating up the planet that has been sheltering and nurturing humans and other species for millions of years. Typically, each architecture project has contributed to the problem. Instead, each architecture project needs to lead us towards the sustainable tomorrow we want and need.

Following the recent publication of Everything Needs to Change: Architecture and the Climate Emergency: 2021, Editors Sofie Pelsmakers (sustainable architect, educator and author of The Environmental Design Pocketbook) and Nick Newman (climate activist and Director of award-winning practice Studio Bark) host this interactive event featuring some of the book’s contributors: David Barragán, Tom Bennett, Stephen Choi, Kasia Nawratek, and Samira Rathod.

This video is part of the Royal Institute of British Architect’s Future Architects Discuss series, aimed at RIBA Student and Associate Members. To learn more about Future Architects, visit our website: https://www.architecture.com/education-cpd-and-careers/future-architects

Purchase Everything Needs to Change from RIBA Books here: https://www.ribabooks.com/Design-Studio-Vol-1-Everything-Needs-to-Change-Architecture-and-the-Climate-Emergency-2021_9781859469651



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