Full-time You: Designing a Dream Job Made Just for You with Meg Lewis | Adobe Creative Cloud

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There’s no one like you on this planet, so why have a career that’s like anyone else’s? There’s a new way to grow your career to create a fulfilling life, and it’s all about capitalizing on what makes you unique. In this lively and inspiring session, join designer and educator Meg Lewis to hear how she channeled her unique qualities into the right career and got to work with companies like BuzzFeed, Slack, Away, Samsung, Condé Nast, Google, Bloomingdale’s, and more. Ditch the separation of work/life, and embrace a new life where you get paid to be yourself. Champion your personality, strengths, and values to grow your life and career!

You’ll learn how to:

Pinpoint what makes you most unique
Define a life’s purpose to drive your career and life decisions
Create a plan to fulfill your purpose and advance your career

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